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Media Treatments

Media treatments are available in Siebel Marketing and Siebel Campaigns. For more information on how to create a media treatment, see Process of Creating and Modifying Offers.

Use the Media Treatments view to define indirect treatments. Types of media treatments available in the standard product are Billboard, Print Ad, Press Release, Radio, TV, Seminar, and Trade Show. When you define indirect treatments, you know the general characteristics of your audience but not its exact composition.

The Media Treatments view contains the Treatment Details, Literature and Related Events view tabs.

  • Treatment Details. This form contains additional fields that you can use if the media treatment requires approvals from your company's marketing and legal departments. It also provides a unique identifier for the treatment in the Treatment Code field. You can specify the type of media to use to distribute the treatment using the Type field.
  • Literature. This shows the company and product information associated with the media treatment. You can add additional items to this list if desired. For example, if the media treatment type is press release, then you can associate the press release content with the treatment for later referral. For more information, see Associating Literature with Treatments.
  • Related Events. This indicates if the media treatment is being used to promote a specific event or set of events.
  • Follow up Activity. Allows marketers to schedule a follow-up activity when the treatment is delivered.
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