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Adding Prospects or Contacts to Internal Lists

Adding to an existing internal list is similar to creating a new internal list. You can use Add to List to attach prospects to a list of type Internal, D&B, or Imported. You can attach prospects from the All Prospects list or the Prospects by Category list.

The following procedure shows how to add contacts or prospects to an internal list.

To add contacts or prospects to an internal list

  1. Navigate to the List Management screen, then the Contacts or Prospects view.
  2. In the Contacts or Prospects list, select the individuals to include or perform a query to find this information.

    After you receive the results of your query, you can select multiple records for inclusion in the list.

  3. With the records selected, click Add to List.
  4. In the Pick List dialog box, select the appropriate list, and click OK.
  5. To display the new list, in the List Management link bar, click Lists.
  6. Select the appropriate list, and click the list name.
  7. Click the List Contacts and Prospects view tab to verify that your selected contacts or prospects have been added.
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