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Adding Lag Time Between Stages Within Programs

You can use the Wait shape in the Program Flow workspace to specify a lag period between stages in a multistage program.

The Wait shape can only be used between stages and the lag time is applied only if the first stage executes successfully. If the first stage fails due to an error, then the second stage will not execute.

Multiple Waits are allowed between stages. For example, you can set a 5-minute lag (Wait 1) to occur between Stage 1 and Stage 2, and also set a 10-minute lag (Wait 2) to occur between Stage 1 and Stage 3. Both stages can be scheduled from Stage 1.

The following procedure shows how to add lag time between stages.

To add lag time between stages

  1. Navigate to the Programs screen.
  2. In the Programs list, click a program.
  3. Click the Design view tab.
  4. In the Program Flow workspace, select the Wait object from the palette, and drag it onto the workspace.
  5. To complete lag time details, double-click the Wait object in the workspace.
  6. Use either a normal or constrained connector to connect the Wait object to a stage.

    For more information on constrained connectors, see Applying Funneling with Constrained Connectors.

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