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About Email Treatments

Using the Email Treatments view, a marketer can design and distribute a personalized email treatment to target recipients of a campaign. An email treatment can be associated with a price list for various products. If the recipient clicks on a product link in an email treatment, then the product detail page displays the promotional price for that product rather than the list price.

The Email Treatments view includes the Treatment Details, Edit Email, Delivery Profile, Attachments, and Advanced tabs.

  • Treatment Details. This form contains additional fields that you can use if the email treatment requires approvals from your company's marketing and legal departments. It provides a unique identifier for the treatment in the Treatment Code field. Use this form to specify the email treatment's Subject Text, the Email Marketing Server (Reply-To and From headers, Email Marketing Daemon configurations, and Web Server URLs) to be used to distribute the treatment, and Personalization Format to use with this treatment.
  • Edit Email. Use this form to edit the template content and to select personalization items such as Trackable URLs, Social Sharing URLs, Dynamic URLs, Response Forms, and Merge Fields. Personalization elements can be inserted into the template in the HTML Editor.
  • Delivery Profile. This read-only list provides a list of the Email Marketing Server parameters for the Email Marketing Server that is associated with the treatment.
  • Attachments. Includes literature items with your email treatment. These items are delivered as attachments to the email when the campaign is launched.
  • Follow up Activity. Allows marketers to schedule a follow-up activity when the treatment is delivered.
  • Advanced. Contains the Related Web Treatments, Related Web Surveys, Related Events, Social Sharing URLs, Dynamic URLs, and Trackable URLs lists. Use these lists to specify the Web treatments, Web surveys, events, and URLs that you plan to include as hyperlinks in the email treatment. Adding these elements embeds them as Personalization Elements. For information on Web surveys, see About Web Surveys and Landing Sites.

    Whenever a treatment recipient clicks a Web treatment, product catalog item, or trackable URL link in an email treatment, the click is captured as a response. The available response types are Clicked On Web Treatment, Clicked On Web Survey, Clicked On Product URL, and Clicked on URL.

    NOTE:  Siebel Events views are not currently included in the Siebel Web Marketing application. Therefore, if you embed a related event in an email treatment, related events must be directed to the Web Server on which Siebel Events is installed. To accomplish this, the Web Server field must contain the location of the Web Marketing Web Server and the location of the Events server. For more information see the Web Server field description in Adding Treatments to Offers.

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