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Applet Script (H)

An applet script defines a Siebel VB script or Siebel eScript script for an applet. Starting with Siebel CRM version 7.0, applet browser script and applet server script replace applet script.

This object type occurs in the following location in the object hierarchy:

Table 13 describes properties that Siebel CRM uses with an applet script.

Table 13. Properties of the Applet Script

Name (R)

Specifies the name of the script.

Program Language (O)

Specifies the script programming language. You can use one of the following values:

  • SBL. Siebel VB.
  • JS. Siebel eScript.

Script (R)

Specifies the body of the script. The maximum size of this body is 16KB.

Sequence (R)

Specifies the order that Siebel CRM uses to compile scripts that this object contains. This property can contain only an integer. For example, assume the Sequence property for Script A is 1 and the Sequence property for Script B is 2. Siebel CRM compiles script Script A first and then Script B second.

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