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Application Method Menu Item (H)

An application method menu item defines the menu for the application object.

This object type occurs in the following location in the object hierarchy:

  • Siebel Objects > Application > Application Method Menu Item

Table 42 describes properties that Siebel CRM uses with an application method menu item.

Table 42. Properties of the Application Method Menu Item

Menu Text (R)

Specifies the text that Siebel CRM displays in the menu item.

Method (R)

Specifies the method that the menu item calls.

Name (R)

Specifies the name of the application method menu item.

Position (R)

Specifies the position of the menu item in the menu tree. For example, the following position identifies the first menu item of the submenu that resides in the third menu item. This third menu item resides in the top-level menu:


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