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Bitmap Category

A bitmap category allows Siebel CRM to group bitmaps according to function or some other relationship. You can use some predefined bitmap categories only for a specific purpose. For example, the Background Bitmap property of an applet references the Applet Backgrounds bitmap category for the bitmap file.

This object type occurs in the following location in the object hierarchy:

  • Siebel Objects > Bitmap Category

Table 56 describes properties that Siebel CRM uses with a bitmap category.

Table 56. Properties of the Bitmap Category

Name (R)

Specifies the name of the bitmap category.

Predefined (O)(H)

You can use one of the following values:

TRUE. A predefined bitmap category that typically contains a bitmap file that you or Oracle provides. You can add or remove a bitmap file from a predefined category. You cannot delete or rename the object definition for a bitmap category.

FALSE. A bitmap category that you provide. You can create, delete, or modify the object definition of the bitmap category. This bitmap is typically a view bar logo that uses the Logo.bmp name. You provide the bitmap category name and reference it in the Bitmap Category property of the view.

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