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SIS OM New Products & Services Process

This workflow displays the active document, if there is one, or a newly created document in the Quote Detail or Order Entry - Line Items view. The user can then add line items, add or delete an asset, or change the attributes of the asset. This workflow is shown in Figure 38.

A user initiates this workflow by clicking the New button in the Account screen's Service Items view, or Account Summary view. This workflow is also initiated as a subprocess of the SIS OM New Products & Services Process - VORD.

Figure 38. SIS OM New Products & Services Process Workflow

Workflow Description. This workflow does the following:

  1. Gets the account information.
  2. If the account is of type 'Residential', then the workflow retrieves the active order. Otherwise it retrieves the active quote.

    The workflow retrieves the active document (quote or order) from the session. If there is no active document, then a new document is created and set as the active document. If there is an active document, then the subprocess checks that the document is associated with the same customer account as the asset being modified, and that the document has the correct status. See SIS OM Active Quote Sub-Process and SIS OM Active Order Sub-Process. If the quote does not meet these criteria, then the workflow creates a new document and sets it as the active document.

  3. Displays the document in the Quote Details or Order Entry - Line items view, as appropriate.

Associated Business Service Methods. Table 46 shows the step in this workflow that calls business service methods.

Table 46. SIS OM New Products & Services Process Method Call
Workflow Step
Business Service Method Called

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