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Time-Based Offerings in Changed Orders and Assets

This topic describes the behaviors of time-based offerings when changes occur to an order or an existing service.

  • Inactive asset. If an asset has Service End Date earlier than today's date, then that asset is an Inactive asset. No actions such as Modify, Suspend, Resume, or Delete are allowed on such an asset. If an Inactive asset is referenced in the Upgrade Promotion process, then it either gets an action code of Delete in the Modify quote or order, or is ignored and appears in the asset with an end date.
  • Upgrade or downgrade promotion. During the upgrade or downgrade of a promotion, your Siebel application calculates the Service End Date for line items in which the Action Code is Add, based on the defined validity attributes. For line items in which the Action Code is Update, the Service End Date is carried over from the Asset, because no extended attribute (XA) has changed. In this case, users must customize the promotion to update the values.
  • Modify asset. Your Siebel application calculates the new End Date based on the validity attributes defined for the discount product only when those attributes have been updated. Otherwise, your Siebel application carries over the Start Date and End Date values from the asset to the new modified order.

    Likewise, during the customization of a move, add, change, and delete (MACD) order, your Siebel application calculates the End Date based on the attribute definition only if the attributes have been updated.

  • Disconnect service. During the disconnection of an asset, your Siebel application populates the End Date with the Due Date. If you manually update the Due Date in the new modified order, then the End Date is updated automatically.
  • Revise order. During order revision, the Due Date, Service Start Date, and Service End Date field values are copied from the base order.
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