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What Is Siebel PRM?

Siebel PRM automates and streamlines the relationship between brand owner companies and their channel and alliance partners, distributors, resellers, agents, brokers, or dealers.

Prospective partners can use Siebel PRM to view information about the brand owner company's partnership program, and to apply to be partners. The brand owner's partner manager must approve the prospective partner's application, convert the prospective partner into a partner, and give login access to the partner company. The brand owner can add partner employees or can assign this task to a delegated administrator at the partner company.

Then, the brand owner can treat the partner's employees as members of its extended sales and service team. Using Siebel PRM, you can share opportunities, service requests, accounts, solutions, and other business information with partners in the same way as you do with your own employees. You can either assign this information manually or use Siebel Assignment Manager to assign it automatically. Siebel PRM also lets you share master data, such as products and solutions, with partner companies.

In addition to letting you share business information, Siebel PRM lets you send alerts, information about special promotions, and Web messages to your partners. It also lets you work collaboratively with your partners to develop plans to meet strategic goals. It helps you and your partners analyze partnership effectiveness, forecast revenue, manage market development funds, and analyze partner performance in many ways.

Siebel PRM is made up of four applications:

  • The Siebel PRM Portal. This is a portal that partner companies use to share business information with the brand owner and to do some administrative tasks.
  • The Siebel PRM Manager. This is the Siebel Business Application that the brand owner company uses to share business information with partners and to manage partners.
  • Siebel Partner Manager Analytics. These tools allow the brand owner to analyze and manage its partners' performance and its channel go-to-market programs.
  • Siebel PRM Portal Analytics. These tools allow partners to analyze and manage their performance.

The brand owner company can share business information with partners using Siebel Business Applications such as Siebel Sales, Siebel Service, or Siebel Call Center, as well as by using the Siebel PRM Manager. These products are integrated with Siebel PRM, though the other products do not provide the full functionality of the Siebel PRM Manager.

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