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Portal Agent Configuration

Using Portal Agents to integrate external content into the Siebel user interface requires some simple configuration in Siebel Tools. You must configure a field on the business component to handle external data and then configure either an applet or a Web page item to display the content in the user interface. An applet displays external content inside the applet container on a view. A Web page item displays external content outside of an applet, such as in the banner frame for example.

NOTE:  This topic describes the configuration tasks that are unique to integrating external content with the Siebel user interface. It does not describe standard configuration tasks that you might be required to perform. For example, after you configure an applet to display external content, you might have to associate that applet with a view, add the view to a responsibility, and so on. These additional tasks are standard procedures for configuring Siebel Business Applications and are outside the scope of this book. For more information about configuring Siebel Business Applications, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

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