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Displaying External Content Within an Applet

After you have created the calculated field on the business component, you expose it in the user interface. You display the external content using a control in a form applet or list applet.

NOTE:  You can also expose external content outside an applet, such as in the banner area. See Displaying External Content Outside of an Applet.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Portal Agents.

To display external content within an applet

  1. Create an applet that you want to use to display the external content.

    The applet must be based on the business component that you configured in Configuring Business Components to Handle External Data.

  2. Add a new control or list column to the applet.
  3. Associate the control or list column with a calculated field on the business component that is configured to represent the external data.
  4. Set the control or list column's Field Retrieval Type property to Symbolic URL.
  5. Set the control or list column's HTML Type property to Field.
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