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About the UI Properties for Attributes with Business Component Domains

You can define an attribute that has values the user can select from a pick applet. The pick applet displays records from a specified business component. When the user selects a record, a specified field in the record displays in the selection page as the value of the attribute.

Several predefined UI properties are provided to associate the attribute with a pick applet and picklist. Defining these UI properties on the attribute replaces Siebel Tools procedures for configuring the originating business component when defining a pick applet.

You define these UI properties on the attribute that you have set up to display a select button in the selection pages. These UI properties associate the attribute with a pick applet and a picklist and are shown in Table 4.

Table 4. Predefined UI Properties


The name of the pick applet.


The name of the picklist.


This is an XML tag that associates the attribute name with the picklist field that you want to display.


PickMap02 and so on, display multiple fields from the same picklist. You can also use this PickMap definition to define a constraint on the records the user sees in the pick applet.

Note that constraints specified in the pickmap definition cannot include search expressions. If you need to define a constraint with an expression that will be computed at runtime and is dynamic in nature, then use the PickSpec UI property.


Specify the search specification expression that constrains the records that the user sees on the pick applet. The current instance path can be used as a value in the search specification. The PickSpec value is a search expression that uses the syntax for the BC Search Specification defined in Oracle Siebel Tools and the standard Siebel Configurator path syntax to define instance variables and values. For example, you can define a constraint to show contacts over the age of 18 when the currently selected product's account type attribute is set to primary.

See Table 8 for details.


PickSpec02 and so on, specify multiple search specifications on the same pick applet.

Note that the search specification must be valid. To verify this, use the BC search specification in Siebel Tools.

The PickMap value is an XML tag that has the following format:

<PickMap Field="AttributeName" PickField="BusCompFieldname" Constrain="Y/N" BusObj="BusObjName" />

  • Field. For UI properties with name PickMap01, this specifies the name of the attribute in the selection page. Use the attribute name, not its display name.

    For UI properties with Constrain="Y", it specifies the business component field name or attribute name to be used as a filter for the records displayed in the pick applet. The format for specifying a business component is buscompname.fieldname. The format for specifying an attribute name is attributename.

    For example, to constrain the records displayed in the pick applet to those having the current record's Opportunity name in the Quotes view, (Quote business component), you would enter Quote.Opportunity. To constrain records to the value of the Account Name attribute, you would enter Account Name.

  • PickField. Specifies the picklist field name. When the user selects a record from the pick applet, the contents of this field becomes the attribute value shown in the selection page. Use the business component field name, not the field's display name.
  • Constrain. When set to "Y" (Yes), PickMap specifies a business component field that filters the records the user sees in the pick applet. If not specified, the default is "N" (No).
  • BusObj. Specifies the business object in which the PickMap definition is active. If omitted, the PickMap definition is active in all business objects. For example, if you set BusObj="Order Entry", the PickMap applies to orders but not quotes. Use this argument to constrain the pick applet differently for orders than for quotes. If you insert a BusObj argument in PickMap01, this limits the display of the select icon and pick applet to the specified business object, for example Quote.
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