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EnumObjects Method

This method returns either all immediate objects under an object or all immediate objects under a specified port. This gets the items that are currently in the port, not the items that could be there.

Input Arguments
  • ObjId. The unique identifier of the complex object header (for example, Quote ID).
  • RootId. The unique identifier of the complex object root (for example, Quote Line Item row id).
  • IntObjName. The name of the integration object specified in Oracle's Siebel Tools.
  • Parent Path. The path to the parent object whose child objects you want to enumerate. The path is the object's Integration ID.
  • (Optional) Version. Version arguments are used only when testing a customizable product version that is different from the currently released version.
  • (Optional) Port Item Id. The ID of a specific port (for example, ORIG_ID of the port in S_PROD_ITEM table). If specified, only the items in this port are enumerated; otherwise, all items in all immediate ports are returned.
Output Arguments

Output can be in the form of two types of property sets, instance property sets and generic property sets.

Instance property sets return information about child items, as follows:


< Name="value" Product Id="value" Path="value" Sequence Number="value" />



Generic property sets send notifications to the user that there is a violation of the minimum or maximum required quantity for a one or more items within the relationship. A generic property set follows each instance property set, if there is a violation of the minimum or maximum required quantity for this instance.

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