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GetAllPorts Method

This method retrieves a list of all ports and (possibly) their contents for a product. It gets all ports for a product but not for its child products. It retrieves the basic definition of the product and does not consider any current configuration session state, so every possible port is retrieved.

Input Arguments
  • Product Id. The ID of the product in Internal Product.
  • (Optional) Version. Version is used only in validate mode.
  • GetPortDomain. The flag that determines whether or not to also retrieve the domain of each port. Use Y or N to get the domain or not.
Output Arguments

All ports are returned as children of the output property set of type Port.



      Class Id="<value>"




      Port Item Id="<value>"


            Port Display Name="<value>"





      Port Information here



Port information can be returned through GetProperty(). For example, GetProperty(Class Id).

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