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Copying Evidence

You can copy an evidence record to create a new record that contains the original record's attachments and information like associated contacts, accounts, and assets. Not all records are copied to the new record. Activities, activity plans, approval records, and subevidence records are not copied to the new evidence record.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Evidence Items.

To copy an evidence record

  1. Navigate to the Evidence screen, then the Evidence List view.
  2. Select an evidence record, and scroll down to the Evidence form.
  3. Select Copy Record in the menu.

    A duplicate record is created with the same Evidence Name and Case Name values.

  4. In the Evidence Name field, enter a new name to more easily distinguish the evidence from the original record.
  5. Save the record.

    The serial number for the new evidence record is generated. The case determines this serial number. The serial number for any related evidence records stays the same.

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