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About Using This Book

This book uses the following terms:

  • A Siebel CRM object is an object that resides in the Siebel Repository File. For example, a screen, view, applet, business component, menu, and control and each an example of a Siebel object. A Siebel Remote applet in is not equivalent to a Java applet. For more information, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.
  • The Mobile Web Client is a a disconnected Siebel CRM client that is fully functional. It typically runs on a laptop computer that a professional in the field uses. For brevity, this book refers to the Mobile Web Client generically as the remote client.
  • A user is a person who uses the remote client of a Siebel business application to access Siebel CRM data.
  • The user interface is the interface that the user uses in the remote client.
  • The server is the Siebel Server, unless noted otherwise.
  • The local database is a database that resides on the remote client. It contains Siebel application tables that store user data and a local transaction log that stores transactions that the user creates.
  • An administrator is anyone who uses an administrative screen in the administrative client to configure Siebel CRM. The Administration - Server Configuration screen is an example of an administrative screen.
  • Predefined Siebel CRM is the out-of-the-box version of Siebel Remote that Oracle provides you before you make any customization to Siebel Remote.
  • A predefined object is an object that comes defined with Siebel CRM. The objects that Oracle's Siebel Tools displays in the Object List Editor immediately after you install Siebel Tools and the SRF (Siebel Repository File) but before you make any customization are predefined objects.
  • The term focus indicates the currently active object in the remote client. To indicate the object that is in focus, Siebel CRM typically sets the border of this object to a solid blue line.

Depending on the software configuration that you purchase, your Siebel business application might not include all the features that this book describes.

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