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About Report Parameters

A report parameter is a type of filter that refines the data Siebel CRM sends to a report template file that Oracle BI Publisher uses to run a report. It allows the user to refine the report output according to data that the user might not be able to query in a view. Report parameters allow you to do the following work:

  • Narrow the query, sorting, or grouping when running a report.
  • Produce many different reports from the same report template.

The user uses the Parameter section in the Run Reports pane to add report parameters. Siebel CRM stores the parameters that the user chooses and the parameter values that the user enters in temporary memory in the client. Siebel CRM removes these items from memory after the user clicks Submit.

Siebel Open UI supports report parameters starting with Siebel CRM versions and

For information about how to run a report that uses parameters, see Using Report Parameters to Filter Reports.

If you must use report parameters in a scheduled report, then you must install an Oracle BI Publisher patch. For information about this patch, see 880452.1 (Article ID), Siebel Maintenance Release Guide on My Oracle Support. For more information about scheduling a report, see Scheduling Reports.

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