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Using Report Parameters to Filter Reports

The example in this topic describes how to use a report parameter to filter a report in Siebel Call Center. A report parameter is a type of filter that refines the data that Siebel CRM includes in a report. It allows you to do the following work:

  • Narrow the query when you run a report.
  • Create different reports from the same report template.

Siebel Open UI supports report parameters starting with Siebel CRM versions and For more information, see Customizing Reports That Use Parameters.

To use report parameters to filter reports

  1. Log in to Siebel Call Center, and then navigate to a view that includes a report that includes report parameters.

    For example, navigate to the Accounts list.

  2. Run a query in the Accounts list to filter the number of account records that Siebel CRM includes in the report.

    For more information, see Caution About Running Reports with a Large Number of Records.

  3. Click the Reports button in the application toolbar.
  4. In the Run Report pane, in the Report Name list, choose Parameter.
  5. Expand the Parameters section.
  6. Set Param4 to February.

    Siebel CRM gets these report parameters from the report template. For more information, see Adding Report Parameters to Report Templates.

  7. Click Submit.

    The Oracle BI Publisher Server runs the report, and then Siebel CRM sends it to the client. If you include a report parameter, and if you also schedule a report to run at some point in the future, then Siebel CRM stores the values you set for the report in memory when you click Submit, and you cannot modify them. If you must modify these values after you click Submit, then you must modify them and then run the report again.

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