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Renaming Items in the Reports Menu in High Interactivity

You can modify the text strings that a high-interactivity client displays in the Reports Menu for the following menu items:

  • My BI Publisher Reports.
  • Schedule Report. Siebel CRM displays the Schedule section only if Siebel CRM associates the user with the XMLP_SCHEDULER responsibility, by default. For more information, see How Siebel CRM Controls Access to Reports.

For example, you can modify My BI Publisher Reports to My Reports, or some other value.

The Open UI client does not use these menu items. For more information, see Differences With Running Reports in Siebel Open UI Compared to High Interactivity.

To rename items in the Reports Menu in high interactivity

  1. Log in to Siebel Tools.
  2. In the Object Explorer, click Symbolic String.
  3. (Optional) Modify an item in the Run Report pane:
    1. In the Symbolic Strings list, query for SBL_MY_BIPUBLISHER_REPORTS.
    2. Edit the value in the Current String Value property.
  4. (Optional) Modify the Schedule section:
    1. In the Symbolic Strings list, query for SBL_SCHEDULE_BIPUBLISHER_REPORTS.
    2. Edit the value in the Current String Value property.
  5. Compile the Symbolic String project.
  6. Distribute the updated SRF, and then restart the Siebel Server.
  7. Verify your modifications:
    1. Log in to the Siebel application, and then navigate to any screen.
    2. Click the Reports button in the application toolbar, and then verify your modifications.
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