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Overview for Using This Book

This book uses the following terms, unless noted otherwise:

  • The client is the Siebel CRM client that a Siebel Business Application uses. This book describes how to use the Siebel Open UI client and the high-interactivity client. Unless noted otherwise, the information that this book describes applies to Siebel Open UI and high interactivity.
  • A user is a person who uses the client.
  • The server is the Siebel Server.
  • An administrator is anyone who uses an administrative screen in the client to configure Siebel Reports. The Administration - Server Configuration screen is an example of an administrative screen.

Computer font indicates a value you enter or text that Siebel CRM displays. For example:

This is computer font

Italic text indicates a variable value. For example, the n and the method_name in the following format description are variables:

Named Method n: method_name

The following is an example of this code:

Named Method 2: WriteRecord

A predefined object is an object that comes already defined with Siebel CRM. The objects that Siebel Tools displays in the Object List Editor immediately after you install Siebel Tools and the SRF (Siebel Repository File) but before you make any customization are predefined objects.

The term focus indicates the currently active object in the client. To indicate the object that is in focus, Siebel CRM typically sets the border of this object to a solid blue line.

Depending on the software configuration you purchase, your Siebel Business Application might not include all the features that this book describes.

This book describes the following objects:

  • Applets
  • Business components
  • Business component fields
  • Business objects
  • Integration components
  • Integration objects
  • Views

These objects are part of the Siebel object hierarchy. For more information about this hierarchy, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

The procedures that this guide describes assumes that you do not use left-hand navigation. However, you can set up left-hand navigation. For more information about left-hand navigation, see Siebel Fundamentals for Siebel Open UI.

Where to Find More Information About Siebel Reports

To find more information about:

  • Oracle BI Publisher versions that different Siebel versions support, and how to setup Siebel Reports, see 1172844.1 (Article ID) on my Oracle Support.
  • Downloading Oracle BI Publisher, see
  • General information about Oracle BI Publisher, see
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