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Integrating Oracle BI Publisher with Siebel Business Applications

You might need to install and configure Siebel CRM to use Oracle BI Publisher so that it can run reports. The tasks you perform depend on if you must use Siebel Reports for the first time or if you are already using it. They also depend on the Siebel CRM version that your deployment uses. For information about how to do this integrating, see 1501378.1 (Article ID) on My Oracle Support.

If you have an existing Siebel Reports environment, and if you must use the latest report features, then you must upgrade to the latest Siebel CRM Fix Packs 8.1.1.x or 8.2.2.x and do other configuration work for the Siebel application and Oracle BI Publisher.

Some Siebel Business Applications do not require a Siebel client. For example, Siebel Loyalty can use the Oracle BI Publisher libraries to run Oracle BI Publisher reports. You can also use a business service in the XMLP Report server component to request a report without using a Siebel client. This guide does not describe these usages.

For more information about how Siebel CRM integrates Siebel Reports and the architecture it uses, see About the Siebel Reports Architecture.

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