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About Siebel Reports

Oracle® Business Intelligence Publisher (Oracle BI Publisher) is the reporting module for Siebel CRM. You work with Siebel Reports in the following locations:

  • In the Siebel client to run, schedule, and view reports. For more information, see Running Reports.
  • In Microsoft Word to create and customize report templates. For more information, see About Oracle BI Publisher Desktop.
  • In Oracle BI Publisher to administer report schedules, report users, and other Oracle BI Publisher administration tasks. This guide includes information about how to do these tasks.

You can run a report in the following Siebel clients:

  • Siebel Web Client
  • Siebel Mobile Web Client
  • Siebel Developer Web Client

Siebel CRM comes with predefined reports and report templates. You can use these reports, modify them, or create your own custom reports. For a complete list of predefined reports and information on how to download them, see 876284.1 (Article ID) on My Oracle Support.

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