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Types of Users Who Use Siebel Reports

The following types of users can use Siebel Reports:

  • Report user. Runs, views, monitors, schedules, and deletes reports. For example, the report user in a sales organization might include a sales representative, sales manager, or sales executive. If this user uses a computer that includes the Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Add-in installed in Microsoft Word, then this user can modify an existing or create a custom report template.For more information, see About Oracle BI Publisher Desktop.
  • Business user. Does administrative tasks to determine how to get data from various sources. For example, a business user in a sales organization might include a sales manager, business analyst, and so on. An administrative task might include uploading a report template to the Siebel Server, and then registering this template in the client, associating a report with a view, and so on.

    A sales manager might be a report user or a business user depending on the Siebel responsibility that Siebel CRM assigns to this user. Your business requirements determine the views that each user can access to develop or administer a report. For information about how Siebel CRM determines if a user can view a report, see How Siebel CRM Controls Access to Reports.

  • Report administrator. Installs and configures Siebel Reports, deletes reports, and manages how Siebel CRM translates reports from one language to another language.
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