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Scenario for Customizing Reports

This topic describes a scenario of how you might customize reports in Siebel CRM. You might use reports differently, depending on your business model. It describes how a sales manager can work with a business user to customize an opportunity report. For details about customizing reports, see Customizing Siebel CRM Reports.

Sales Manager Runs Predefined Reports

A team includes five sales representatives that reside in the western region of a company. Every day, the manager of this team runs the following reports to get the most up-to-date information about opportunities, accounts, and forecasted revenues for each sales representative:

  • Opportunity by Sales Rep
  • Account List
  • Forecast Analysis Details

Sales Manager Modifies a Predefined Report Template

The reports that the sales manager runs provide details about the opportunities that currently reside in the pipeline for each sales representative, and it allows the manager to monitor the progress of each representative through the sales cycle. Towards the end of the quarter, the manager must determine the amount of potential revenue the team might close for the quarter. To do this, the manager requires a report that details the revenue probability and sales stage for the team opportunities. No such report currently exists, so the manager uses Oracle BI Publisher Desktop to modify a report template to indicate the desired report layout. The manager then sends this template to a business user to create the new report. For more information, see About Oracle BI Publisher Desktop.

Sales Manager Runs the Modified Report

The business user finalizes the custom report, and then registers it with the Opportunity view so that the sales manager can choose it in the Run Report pane. The manager runs the report, and then Siebel CRM displays it in a browser window. The manager can save this report. If the report requires time to finish running, then Siebel CRM displays a message that instructs the manager to access the report from the My Reports view after the report finishes running. The manager can also use this view to monitor the status of the report while it runs. For more information about the My Reports view, see Running Reports.

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