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Process of Customizing SSSE

To add a field to the fields that SSSE synchronizes, or to modify an existing field that is synchronized, perform the following tasks before starting or restarting the PIMSI Engine and PIMSI Dispatcher components:

  1. Changing Integration Objects

    Update the integration object for the Siebel domain that the new or amended field is associated with to reflect the new or amended field. Compile the SRF file to incorporate the field changes.

  2. Changing SSSE Data Maps

    Change the Inbound and Outbound data maps to reflect the new or amended fields.

  3. Changing Siebel Domain Configurations

    Synchronize the Inbound Data Map with the Siebel domain to apply the new field or field modifications to the Siebel domain.

  4. Changing PIM Domain Configuration

    Add the new or amended field to the PIM domain.

  5. Changing Domain Map Configurations

    Map the Siebel domain field to the PIM domain field so that the two fields can be synchronized.

Depending on the type of customization you are making, you might have to perform one or more of the following additional tasks:

NOTE:  All tasks in this process assume that the field already exists in the appropriate Siebel Business Component.

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