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Login User Names and Passwords

Siebel Business Applications provide two features on the Siebel login dialog box to assist users. These features are:

Remember My User ID

A user can check the Remember My User ID check box when logging into a Siebel application. By doing so, whenever the user logs in to the same Siebel application in the future, the Username field is prefilled with the user's user name; the user simply has to enter the associated password to access the Siebel application.

The Remember My User ID functionality can be used by the same user on a number of different Siebel Business Applications simultaneously, provided the user checks the Remember My User ID check box when logging in to each application. This is particularly useful to users, for example, system administrators, who regularly log in to a number of different Siebel application environments.

Remember My User ID uses the auto-login credential cookie that the Siebel Web Engine provides when a session is started. This functionality requires that cookies be enabled. For information about the auto-login credential cookie, see Auto-Login Credential Cookie.

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