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Settings for Applying the SWSE Logical Profile

Table 37 lists the settings requested in the SWSE Configuration Wizard for configuring the SWSE: applying the SWSE logical profile. The wizard displays help text with more information about these settings.

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Table 37. Settings for Configuring the SWSE
Setting in SWSE Configuration Wizard

Deployed Languages

Each language that you select must be an installed language. For each deployed language and each application, a separate section is created in the eapps.cfg or eapps_sia.cfg file. For example, Siebel Call Center uses the sections named [/callcenter_lang]. Part of the ConnectString value represents the three-letter code for the deployed language.

You can deploy languages that you installed but did not deploy by running the SWSE Configuration Wizard again and choosing the task Add Language Support for the SWSE Configuration. For more information, see About Installing and Deploying Siebel Business Applications with Multiple Languages.

Select a Load Balancer

Specify whether you are using Siebel native load balancing, third-party load balancing, or no load balancing. Specify no load balancing for a deployment with a single Siebel Server. For more information, see Process of Configuring Load Balancing for Siebel Business Applications.

Siebel Server Host Name (Siebel Server)

The host name of the Siebel Server computer. Specify this for a deployment with a single Siebel Server.

Siebel Connection Broker Port

The Siebel Connection Broker (SCBroker) port on the Siebel Server computer. Specify this port number for a deployment with a single Siebel Server. The default port number for SCBroker is 2321.

NOTE:  This port number is used for all of the communications between the Web server and the Siebel Server. Make sure that the port number that you specify for SCBroker is not occupied by any other applications, other Siebel components (such as Siebel Gateway Name Server), or other Siebel Server instances.

For more information about the SCBroker component, see Siebel Deployment Planning Guide and Siebel System Administration Guide.

If you want to change an SCBroker port number later, then use Siebel Server Manager to specify a value for the Static Port Number parameter (alias PortNumber).

Host Name or Virtual IP Address for Third-Party Load Balancer

A host name or virtual IP address for use with a third-party load balancer.

Network Port Number for Third-Party Load Balancer

A network port number for use with a third-party load balancer.

Siebel Web Server Extension Logical Profile Location

The location of the SWSE logical profile that you created in Configuring the SWSE Logical Profile.

Enter location of response file

The location of a response file to save, if you intend to later execute such a file to perform unattended configuration.

Web Server Instance Location

The location of the Web server instance for which this SWSE is installed.

Restart Web Server

Indicate whether to restart the Web server now to complete the changes.

If you do not choose to restart your Web server processes at this time, then you must do so before making Siebel Business Applications available to your users through their browsers.

For more information about stopping and restarting the Web server, see Requirements for Stopping and Starting the Web Server.

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