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Settings for Configuring the Siebel Gateway Name Server

Table 33 lists the settings requested in the Siebel Configuration Wizard for configuring the Siebel Gateway Name Server. The wizard displays help text with more information about most of these settings.

Table 33. Settings for Configuring Siebel Gateway Name Server
Setting in Siebel Configuration Wizard

Gateway Name Server TCP/IP Port

Specify the port number that this Siebel Gateway Name Server uses for connections from Siebel Server or other components. The default port number is 2320.

Language for Server Messages and Logs

The primary language, which is used for server messages and log files. Language support must be present on the server on which you have installed the software. See also About Installing and Deploying Siebel Business Applications with Multiple Languages.

Autostart Gateway Name Server System Service

Specify whether to start the Siebel Gateway Name Server automatically when the operating system starts.

Enter location of response file

The location of a response file to save, if you intend to later execute such a file to perform unattended configuration.

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