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Requirements When Cloning an Installation

The following are requirements for using the cloning feature for Siebel Business Applications installations and configurations:

  • Using the cloning feature requires the current version, Siebel CRM version or version You can clone any source instance that is at Siebel CRM version or version
  • The source and target computer environments must be consistent. The source computer and the target computer must use the same supported server operating system, including the same operating system version and patch updates. The target computer must meet all of the documented requirements for installing the Siebel software that you are cloning, including those documented in this guide and those documented in the Certifications tab on My Oracle Support.
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed. JRE must be installed on any computer where you will run the Siebel cloning utility, that is, on the source computer and on the target computer. Also, the JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set to point to the JRE installation location at the time that you run the Siebel cloning utility (for example, /usr/java6_64 on AIX). On the source computer, JRE was already installed with the Oracle Universal Installer software, under the JDK directory, so you can set JAVA_HOME to this installation location. For supported version information, see the Certifications tab on My Oracle Support.
  • For Siebel Enterprise Server, the database client and data source must be present on the target computer. For Siebel Enterprise Server, the database client software must be installed and configured on the target computer, and the data source must be created (using the same name as on the source computer) before you deploy the clone. The database client on the target computer must be able to connect to the correct database. For an Oracle Database, you must also add entries to tnsnames.ora, as needed. For more information, see Configuring the RDBMS.
  • The installation directory on the source instance and the target instance must be the same. For example, these directories might be /siebel/ or /siebel/ for Siebel Enterprise Server, or /siebel/ or /siebel/ for SWSE.

    When you edit the properties file for deploying a clone on the target instance, specify the directory into which you installed the Siebel CRM software on the source instance, such as
    /siebel/ or /siebel/

    NOTE:  The installation directories on the source computer might not match these examples. In particular, the installation paths differ where the Siebel CRM software was initially installed using the original Siebel CRM version 8.1.1 installers, which use InstallShield technology instead of Oracle Universal Installer.

  • The properties file for any cloning operation must contain a valid user name (such as SADMIN) and password. For security reasons, it is strongly recommended that you include a password in any properties file only when you are using the properties file.
  • You must specify all of the applicable data in the properties file that are necessary for the cloning operation that you are performing.
  • You must start all of the necessary Siebel modules or create all of the necessary configurations that are required for the cloning operation that you are performing. For example:
    • Before you create a clone of an installed and configured instance of Siebel Enterprise Server software on a source computer, the applicable Siebel Gateway Name Server must be running. Depending on your cloning case, the Siebel Gateway Name Server might be running on the source computer as part of the source instance, or it might be running on another computer.
    • Before you deploy a clone of an installed and configured instance of Siebel Enterprise Server software (Siebel Server only, in this case) on a target computer, where the Siebel Gateway Name Server is running on a different computer, the Siebel Enterprise for the target environment must already have been configured on that Siebel Gateway Name Server. The clone must have been created using the same settings as the Siebel Enterprise that applied to the source environment.
  • The Oracle Configuration Manager service cannot be running during a cloning operation. If the Oracle Configuration Manager service is running on either the source computer or the target computer, then you must stop this service before you initiate any cloning operation. Otherwise, errors occur and the operation cannot complete successfully.

    The name of the Oracle Configuration Manager service is OracleOracleHomeNameConfigurationManager, where OracleHomeName is the Oracle Home name for the Siebel CRM installation on this computer.

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