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Limitations When Cloning an Installation

The following are limitations for using the cloning feature for Siebel Business Applications installations and configurations:

  • Support for the cloning feature is currently limited to Siebel Enterprise Server and Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE).
  • For Siebel Enterprise Server, the cloning feature is primarily intended to be used to clone a single, configured, source instance of Siebel Server to a target computer.
    • The cloning feature is not intended to be used as an alternative to installation of the Siebel Enterprise Server software.
    • A Siebel Server that you clone can optionally include the Siebel Gateway Name Server. It is possible to clone a Siebel Gateway Name Server installation that does not also include a Siebel Server, but this is not the primary usage case.
  • For Siebel Web Server Extension, the cloning feature currently supports cloning an installation only. SWSE configurations are not included in the operations to create or deploy the clone. Although parts of the eapps.cfg file are updated when you deploy the SWSE target instance, you must configure this SWSE instance in the standard way (by applying the SWSE logical profile) after you deploy the clone.
  • Siebel Management Agent configuration data is not cloned. When you deploy a target instance of Siebel Server, the Siebel Management Agent that was installed with the source instance is included in the clone, but its configuration is not included. If you plan to use the target instance of the Siebel Management Agent, then you must configure it.
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