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About Database Updates for Siebel CRM Version or Version

If you have installed the current release, Siebel CRM version or version, as a new installation, then you use the Database Configuration Wizard task to install a new Siebel database. This database contains schema changes, Siebel Repository changes, and seed data for Siebel CRM functionality through the current release.

For an existing installation, running Incremental Repository Merge is required for Siebel Innovation Pack 2013. That is, if you install Siebel CRM version or version as a patch installation (in which case you perform migration installations for existing installations of Siebel Enterprise Server and SWSE), then you must use the Incremental Repository Merge feature to update your Siebel database to the current release level.

For information about the product enhancements in Siebel CRM version or version, see the applicable Siebel Maintenance Release Guide on My Oracle Support. For information about setting up and using Incremental Repository Merge, see Siebel Database Upgrade Guide.

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