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Creating Table Owner and Administrator Accounts

Create the table owner and administrator accounts according to the guidelines provided for each database platform identified in this topic. These accounts are created by updating and running the grantusr.sql script. Record all of the relevant data, such as the table owner name and password, in the worksheets provided in Siebel Deployment Planning Worksheet.

NOTE:  For each applicable database platform, if you are planning to use Siebel Marketing, then also grant DROP TABLE, DROP INDEX, CREATE TABLE, and CREATE INDEX rights at the database level within the OLTP schema to the table owner or the database user ID used for Siebel Marketing. For more information, see Siebel Marketing Installation and Administration Guide.

CAUTION:  It is strongly recommended not to change the name of the Siebel administrator account, SADMIN. This account must be created so that you can log in to Siebel Business Applications as the Siebel administrator. For information about changing the password for this account, see Siebel Security Guide.

NOTE:  Before you execute grantusr.sql, confirm that this script will create all of the users that must be created before you install the Siebel database. Optionally, you can also modify the script to define the anonymous users that you will specify when configuring the Siebel Web Server Extension. For more information, see Requirements for Configuring Anonymous Users for the Siebel Web Server Extension.

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