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Running the grantusr.sql Script on an Oracle Database

Before you install the Siebel database, your DBA must review, modify, and execute the grantusr.sql script.

The administrator executes grantusr.sql against the database instance to create the Siebel table owner account, the Siebel administrator account (default: SADMIN), the LDAPUSER account, and the role sse_role and to grant them appropriate privileges. The script also creates the default tablespace. The grantusr.sql script is located in the DBSRVR_ROOT/oracle subdirectory.

After executing grantusr.sql, the DBA must manually create all of the additional tablespaces (for data or indexes) that you require in your Siebel database. To do this, use commands similar to the existing ALTER USER command defined in grantusr.sql for creating the default tablespace. Use commands similar to the following:

ALTER USER TABLE_OWNER quota unlimited on tablespace_name;


  • TABLE_OWNER is the name of the Siebel table owner account.
  • tablespace_name is the name that you are using for each particular tablespace. If it is necessary, then the quota value can be adjusted to an appropriate value for each tablespace.

The grantusr.sql script performs the following functions:

  • Creates the role sse_role and grants CREATE SESSION privilege to this role.
  • Creates the Siebel table owner account and grants other appropriate privileges to this account.
  • Creates the accounts SADMIN (the Siebel administrator) and LDAPUSER and grants the role sse_role to them.
  • Creates the default tablespace.

Passwords are prompted for by the script, rather than defined within the script.

The length and allowable characters for the user name and password depend on the rules of your underlying RDBMS platform. For more information, see Oracle Database documentation.

This topic is part of Creating Table Owner and Administrator Accounts.

To run the grantusr.sql script on an Oracle Database

  1. Execute the grantusr.sql script from SQL*Plus, using an account with DBA privileges, and using the following command:


    NOTE:  You must specify the full path to the grantusr.sql file.

  2. Enter the tablespace name listed in Siebel Deployment Planning Worksheet.
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