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Installing Siebel Charts

Siebel Charts software is installed with the Siebel Mobile Web Client and Developer Web Client. The associated Windows service starts automatically when a chart is accessed within the Siebel Web Client.

This task is a step in:

To install Siebel Charts

  1. Review the information in About Installing Siebel Charts.
  2. Log on to the server with root permissions.
  3. Open a new shell and navigate to the Siebel image location for the current software version. Then navigate to the directory where the installer is located. For example, for Oracle Solaris, navigate to Siebel_Image/Solaris/Server_Ancillary/Visual_Mining_Netcharts_Server/lang/unix.


    • Siebel_Image is the directory for your version-specific Siebel network image, such as
      /Siebel_Install_Image/ or /Siebel_Install_Image/
    • lang is the three-letter code for the language of your Siebel Business Applications; for example, enu for U.S. English.
  4. Create a directory into which you will install Siebel Charts (for example, /usr/local/netcharts). You specify this directory in Step 6.
  5. Execute the command to run the installer program for your UNIX operating system. The file is one of the following:





  6. When prompted, specify the installation directory that you created in Step 4 (for example, /usr/local/netcharts), and press Enter.
  7. As you proceed from screen to screen using the installer, accept all of the applicable defaults and accept all of the license agreements.
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