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Overview of Siebel Business Applications Server Architecture

Figure 1 illustrates a simplified architecture for the server elements in your Siebel deployment, after you have initially installed and configured the software. For a more detailed illustration, see Siebel Deployment Planning Guide.

Figure 1. Simplified Architecture for a Siebel Deployment

The Siebel CRM installation and configuration process requires multiple tasks that you perform in a general sequence that depends on your installation case. For more information, see:

Installation Guidelines

Follow these general guidelines for your installations:

  • You install Siebel Gateway Name Server once for each Siebel Enterprise.
  • You install Siebel Database Configuration Utilities once, typically with the first Siebel Server installed.
  • In general, you can install each item in sequence and perform its associated configuration tasks, or you can install all of the items and then perform the configuration tasks. However, some requirements apply to the sequence in which you must perform configuration tasks.
  • Requirements associated with authenticating access to the Siebel Gateway Name Server can affect your overall installation and configuration process, particularly for a new deployment with no existing Siebel database. This issue affects the installation and configuration task sequence, as shown in the illustrations in the two roadmap topics that follow. For more information, see Requirements for Siebel Gateway Name Server Authentication.
  • Multiple instances of Siebel Server and Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE) are typically installed for medium-sized or larger deployments.
  • It is recommended that, for each applicable Siebel module, you install the latest Siebel Patchset release after you install the current release, Siebel CRM version or version
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