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Configuring an IBM DB2 Database for Siebel Business Applications

This topic contains guidelines for obtaining optimal performance from an IBM DB2 Database for use with Siebel Business Applications. These guidelines will be useful to a broad segment of customers. Choose values for the parameters described in this guide that reflect conditions in your particular environment. For more information, see IBM DB2 technical documentation.

NOTE:  In this guide, the terms IBM DB2 or DB2 are often used to refer to the database platform IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

See also Overview of Database Configuration.

When you use IBM DB2, the DB2 Client must be installed on the RDBMS computer where the Siebel database is located. Verify that the DB2 Client is installed before proceeding. For details, see Siebel Database Upgrade Guide. In addition, the DB2 Runtime Client must be installed on the Siebel Server computer. For details, see the Certifications tab on My Oracle Support.

NOTE:  If your database is IBM DB2 for z/OS, then see Implementing Siebel Business Applications on DB2 for z/OS instead of this chapter. See also the relevant information under Planning RDBMS Installation and Configuration.

Guidelines for Configuring an IBM DB2 Database

Various kinds of guidelines are presented for configuring an IBM DB2 database:

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