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Guidelines for Increasing the Number of IBM DB2 User Processes Under AIX

When you reach about 400 concurrent database users running under AIX, the connection to IBM DB2 might fail. To avoid this problem, reset the parameter controlling the maximum number of user processes on your AIX server.

This topic is part of Configuring an IBM DB2 Database for Siebel Business Applications.

To reset the parameter

  1. Log on to the server as the AIX system administrator.
  2. Navigate to $SIEBEL_HOME (the Siebel Server root directory), and source environment variables, by using one of the following commands, depending on the type of shell that you use:

    C shell

    source siebenv.csh

    Bourne or Korn shell

    . ./

    TIP:   Make sure that there is a space between the initial period and ./

  3. Execute the following command to review the options:

    smitty chgsys

  4. Select Maximum Number of Processes and reset the default (512) to a larger number; for example, specify a value like 10,000 to avoid imposing an upper limit on the number of processes that a single user can spawn.
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