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Managing Temporary Disk Space Required by Siebel Installers and Wizards

This topic is part of Planning Your Siebel Deployment.

Siebel installer programs, the Siebel Image Creator utility, and Siebel Configuration Wizards all require the use of temporary disk space while operating. Disk space required varies by operating system. The location of temporary directories is specified using the TEMP and TMP environment variables. Set these variables the same: to a valid existing directory that contains adequate space.

It is recommended that you periodically clear out the temporary directory that you are using. You might have to do this as part of resolving installer or wizard problems.

On Microsoft Windows, the temporary directory used by default is C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp.

The minimum disk space figures provided in this topic are general guidelines only. The specific amount of temporary disk space needed by a particular installation operation varies. If there is insufficient disk space, then the installer will notify you that more disk space is needed.

The user running the installer or wizard must have privileges that include write permission for the temporary directory.

Table 22 shows the minimum disk space required by Siebel installers and wizards (by operating system), along with the default temporary directory locations.

Table 22. Temporary Disk Space Required by Siebel Installers and Wizards
Operating System
Minimum Required Space
Default Location


65 to 100 MB

System drive (usually C:)


200 MB



240 MB



200 MB

Home directory for user

Oracle Solaris

115 MB


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