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Specifying the Locale for Siebel Business Applications

This topic is part of Planning Your Siebel Deployment.

When a Siebel application component (Siebel Server, Siebel Tools, or Siebel Developer Web Client) opens a connection to the Siebel database, the locale is automatically determined on a per-session basis for the connection. This setting overrides settings that might be defined elsewhere.

Do not explicitly set the NLS_LANG (Oracle-specific), LANG, or SIEBEL_CODEPAGE environment variables for Siebel Business Applications. Siebel environment setup files such as siebenv.csh (for C shell) or (for Bourne or Korn shell) might set these variables, but these settings are not used for the database connection. The settings in the siebenv.csh or files affect any software that runs in the Siebel environment controlled by those files (except for Siebel Business Applications).

For deployments using Oracle Database, the NLS_LANG variable determines default behaviors that can be overridden using other variables, such as NLS_SORT, that are not set automatically for Siebel Business Applications using an Oracle Database connection. Therefore, settings that you make for NLS_SORT will affect any software that runs in the Siebel environment (including Siebel Business Applications).

CAUTION:  For development environments, Siebel Business Applications support only binary sort order. Therefore, for Oracle Database, when you are setting the locale for your development environment, either do not set NLS_SORT at all, or set it to BINARY. In production environments, this restriction does not apply. (In this guide, sort order and collation sequence are used interchangeably, even though these terms might not always mean the same thing.)

You can explicitly set the locale to be used by a Siebel Server or Application Object Manager component by setting the Locale Code parameter.

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