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Using Master and Alternate Server Setup Configuration

Use Master and Alternate server configurations to allow for high availability in production environments that support large volumes of inbound requests, that is, more than 250,000 requests a day, and for a production environment that needs high availability.

The Master server records Siebel Smart Answer feedback and synchronizes periodically with the Alternate server. If the Master server crashes, then the Alternate takes over and a notification is sent to the Siebel Smart Answer administrator. If the original Master is brought back online, then it takes the role of Alternate. Whenever either server fails a notification is sent out to restart the appropriate server. For more information on administering Siebel Smart Answer, see Installing and Administering Siebel Smart Answer.

It is suggested to use this server setup configuration when large volumes of incoming requests of the knowledge base are expected. The Siebel Smart Answer Server can handle more than 250,000 email requests for each day.

Setup Scenario

To setup the Master and Alternate Server, see Installing and Administering Siebel Smart Answer.

Rules and Assumptions for using Master and Alternate Configuration

The following rules and assumptions apply when you use a Master and Alternate configuration:

  • If a categorization of feedback request is made when the Alternate server is taking over for the Master, the Siebel Smart Answer engine will not process incoming requests, and will the messages will be added to the Communications List to be manually inspected by a call center agent.
  • If either the Master of Alternate server crashes, a notification is sent to the Siebel Smart Answer administrator and the server must be manually started up again to ensure data integrity.
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