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Redeploying the Siebel Smart Answer Servers

In the case where the Siebel Smart Answer servers must be moved or upgraded to different hostnames you must update the Siebel Smart Answer connector configuration files and restart the appropriate services.

To redeploy the Siebel Smart Answer Servers

  1. Navigate to the Siebel Smart Answer Server installation directory.
  2. Back up smart_answer_server\scripts\metaserver.config.
  3. Back up siebsrvr/smartanswer/saconnectorconfig.txt.
  4. Update the new hostname references in:


  5. Update the new hostname references in:


  6. Restart Siebel Server.

Notifications When Communication Is Lost to a Siebel Smart Answer Server

Whenever an Alternate loses communication with a Master or a Master loses communication with an Alternate. An email will be sent to the address specified in Installation with a message identifying the detected failure.

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