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Using HTML to Modify the Design Template

SmartScript pages are dynamically generated HTML content that combine the structure of the Web template with the UI elements and text from the SmartScript definition in the database. Most of the Web template is based on tables with SmartScript-specific SWE tags to substitute values from the SmartScript definition.

Typically, you change the template to make changes to the fundamental page design and layout. Much of the page design standard is based on tables, so making changes to table, row, and column parameters is relatively easy.

In Figure 3, questions are displayed from top to bottom in a single column. Each question starts directly below the preceding question and extends across the width of the single column. If you want to display a number of short fields side-by-side to make your page into a shorter form, you can modify the template to display data in two or more columns.

This template refers to a standard SmartScript page layout, the largest elements of which are represented in Figure 3. The template establishes the formatting for several dynamically generated tables.

Figure 3. The Template Refers to This Basic Page Layout Design

NOTE:  Question and question control (answer) pairs always use the same format determined in the Web template and repeat this format for all subsequent questions. This means that all question-answer pairs must keep the same format.

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