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Canceling, Finishing, and Resuming a SmartScript

This topic describes the options available to you to cancel, finish, or resume a SmartScript. You can invoke three methods on a SmartScript object, using either Siebel eScript or Siebel VB. These methods are:

  • CancelSmartScript
  • FinishSmartScript
  • ResumeSmartScript

You invoke these methods on the SmartScript object that you have currently running. The CancelSmartScript and FinishSmartScript do not require parameters. The syntax for the ResumeSmartScript method is as follows:

ResumeSmartScript viewName, appletName

The following table describes the parameters that ResumeSmartScript accepts.



Name of the view to be displayed if it is not the agent's SmartScript view


Name of the applet to be displayed if it is not the agent's SmartScript applet

In addition to the methods listed previously, an applet user property exists that defines the behavior when you navigate to a different view while a SmartScript is currently running. This applet user property is AutoViewMode. Table 6 describes the values it accepts and the resulting behavior.

To add the AutoViewMode applet user property to an applet

  1. Log in to Siebel Tools.
  2. In the Object List Editor, locate the applet to which you want to add the AutoViewMode applet user property.
  3. Create a new record in the Applet User Properties list with the name AutoViewMode and a value as described in Table 6.
    Table 6. Parameter Values for AutoViewMode


    Always resume the currently running SmartScript (default setting) if the user returns to the SmartScript.


    Saves the currently running SmartScript (so the user can review and resume it later from my saved session) if the SmartScript associated with the view is different from the currently running SmartScript. Otherwise, the processing of the SmartScript resumes.

    NOTE:  In order to resume a SmartScript at a later date, the SmartScript must be released before it is saved. If it is not released, it will not be possible to resume the SmartScript.

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