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About Component Log Files

Siebel Server component log files record data for each individual component and task functioning on a particular Siebel Server. These component log files are stored in the Siebel Server log directory on the Siebel Server in which the components are active as shown in Table 20. Using event logging with individual components allows you to isolate portions of a Siebel application.

Table 20. Log Directories for Siebel Server Components
Operating System
Log Directory





Component log files use the following naming convention:



  • component_alias_name is the name of the component running the task.
  • SISProcID is an internal four-character, zero-padded process ID that is rotating and incremented as component processes are spawned. The minimum numeric value allowed for SISProcID is 1. The maximum value allowed is 2047.
  • taskid is a 32-bit internal zero-padded task ID number. Internally, the task ID contains a SISProcId as well as a counter maintained in each component process.

There is one process ID counter for all processes, not for each component. Therefore, you can sort the log files of a particular component by the specific component process.

Individual component task log files can also be consolidated into a single log file by setting the Use Shared Log File (alias LogUseSharedFile) component parameter. For more information about this parameter and on administering the Siebel Server and server component parameters, see Siebel System Administration Guide. For further information about and examples of component log files, see Viewing Component Log Files and Examples of Component Log Files.

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