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Backing Up the Siebel Gateway Name Server Data

It is recommended that you make a backup of the Siebel Gateway Name Server data, which contains configuration information from the Siebel Enterprise and Siebel Servers, prior to and after making any configuration changes, especially creating new component definitions and adding or deleting Siebel Servers.

The Siebel Gateway Name Server information is stored in the siebns.dat file located in the admin directory of the Siebel Gateway Name Server root directory. The backup procedure flushes out the latest changes from memory into the siebns.dat file and makes a backup copy.

If the Siebel Server does not start up due to recent configurations or a corruption of the current siebns.dat file, then use the following procedure with a working backup siebns.dat file. The siebns.dat file can become corrupt for many reasons, such as inconsistent data or write errors.

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For information about making a backup of the siebns.dat file by using the Server Manager command-line interface, see the backup command in Siebel Server Management Commands.

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