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About Rules for Siebel Territory Management

To perform a territory alignment, you need to set up rules that map the territories to positions. You also need to set up rules to map territories to at least one of the following:

  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Assets (used only in Siebel Life Sciences)
  • Geography
  • Geo zones (also called bricks, used only in Siebel Life Sciences)
  • Products
  • Industries

Table 5 lists the types of rules you can create for territory assignment if you are aligning territories by sales representative.

NOTE:  Drop action examples are only applicable to minor alignments and intermediate alignments.

Table 5. Types of Rules for Assignment of Sales Representatives to Territories
Rule Type
Applies to...
This Type of Rule...

Direct rule

Contacts, accounts, and assets

Assigns one account, contact, or asset to one territory.

NOTE:  Direct rules are not supported for assignment of opportunities.

Add: Dr. Mike Adler (who is a contact) is assigned to territory A102.

Drop: City Hospital (which is an account) is removed from territory A102.

Indirect rule

Geography, geo zones, products, and industries 

Assigns the accounts, contacts, assets, opportunities or a combination thereof in a given area (postal code or geo zone), for a given product, or for a given industry, to one territory.

NOTE:  Asset assignment for geo zones is not available unless you configure Siebel Territory Management using Oracle's Siebel Tools.

Add: Assets in ZIP Code 07920 are assigned to territory A102.

Drop: Accounts in geo zone 42 are removed from territory T85.

Position rule


Assigns one position to one territory.

Add: Assign position Sales Rep 3 to territory A102.

Drop: Remove position Sales Rep 4 from territory A102.

If a record was added to a territory by an Indirect rule it can be dropped from this territory by the same Indirect rule only

If a record was added to a territory by a Direct rule it can be dropped from this territory by a Direct Drop rule only

If in an alignment, one record is being considered by both a direct and an indirect rule, one with an add and the other with a drop action, the rule with the add action will prevail.

There is always an OR relationship between any two rules in an alignment, irrespective of whether the rules are direct, indirect, or a combination of the two.

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