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Obtaining Required IBM Utilities

Verify that the following IBM utilities are available for your upgrade to Siebel CRM 8.1:

  • DSNTEP2. The upgrade uses DSNTEP2 to execute SQL.

    Prepare and bind DSNTEP2 by following the procedures in your IBM installation documentation. If you made local modifications, you might have to prepare and bind a separate version. Also, if you are using a separate version of DSNTEP2, you have to change the SIEBSQL* members to reflect the new plan and program names.

  • DFSORT. The utility DFSORT is used to manipulate data for data migration during upgrade.
  • LOAD. The IBM DB2 Load utility is used to load data during data migration.
  • REBUILD INDEX. The IBM DB2 REBUILD INDEX utility (DSNUTILB) is used to build indexes after they are created using DEFER YES.
  • IEBCOPY. The utility IEBCOPY is used to create members in installation data sets. Sequential data sets contains control information used by IEBCOPY.
  • IEBGENER. The utility IEBGENER is used to copy sequential data sets.
  • DSNTIAUL. The upgrade uses DSNTIAUL to unload Siebel application data.

    Compile, link-edit, and bind DSNTIAUL by following the procedures in your IBM DB2 installation documentation.

For information on these IBM utilities, see your IBM documentation.

CAUTION:  You can choose to use alternative third-party utility products that are preferred for your environment. Evaluate utilities by individual job. Be aware, however, that if you do use utilities other than those recommended, you might have to modify the SQL supplied with Siebel Business Applications to accord with the rules for those utilities. For help with modifying the SQL supplied with Siebel Business Applications, you must contact your Oracle sales representative for Oracle Advanced Customer Services to request assistance from Oracle's Application Expert Services.

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