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About Using the DSNTIAUL Utility

In Siebel CRM releases since 8.0.x, the DSNTIAUL utility is used to unload data from tables. However, the SELECT statements that Siebel CRM 8.x uses to specify the selected columns to be unloaded cause DSNTIAUL to issue a warning message and return a nonzero return code for every unload job. This makes the process of determining whether an unload job completed successfully or not difficult.

To avoid this problem, Siebel CRM 8.x contains a patch for DSNTIAUL which causes a successful unload job to generate a zero return code by changing the selective SELECT warning message to an informational message. Jobs that generate a zero return code require no further consideration. After you apply the patch to DSNTIAUL, all jobs resulting in nonzero return codes must be reviewed. For further information, see About Applying the DSNTIAUL Patch.

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