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Inbound Email Database Operations Business Service

This business service performs database-level actions. Table 33 lists the methods for the Inbound Email Database Operations business service.

Table 33. Inbound Email Database Operations Methods
Method Name


Creates an attachment record.


Deletes a record.


Substitutes values in a template.


Finds a record. This method recognizes the CaseInsensitive parameter in the CFG file. By default, the CFG file is configured to perform case-sensitive searches.


Matches contacts when processing inbound email. Only Siebel Email Response uses this business service. This business service finds all contacts in the Siebel database with a primary or alternate email address that matches the From email address of the inbound email and then associates each contact with the email activity record.


Gets the field values from a record.


Gets a list of records.


Inserts a record.


Designates the hour clock for the server. A value of False (the default) indicates the server runs on a 24-hour clock. A value of True indicates the server runs on a 12-hour clock.

The Run Process workflow receives the date (Planned) from the driver in 24-hour format. Workflow executes the request on the server side. Siebel Server can run on a computer using a 12-hour or 24-hour clock.

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